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Focus on Individuals

Our affordable tracking software focuses on the development and performance of young and amateur football players. Track, measure, and analyze important insights on the field performance of your players. Keep a close eye on the evolution of your players.

Focus on Leagues & Clubs

Our system helps professional and amateur football teams and clubs. Use it to compare your ongoing results with relevant benchmarks. After analyzing the data, share it with your team so you can optimize their performance. You can also manage your schedule and league results

GPS Trackers

Track your players’ moves, positioning, speed, and performance during each game. Analyze their movements and heatmaps and later on, compare them with historical data to drive conclusions and work on improvements. Football is a game of analyzing and optimizing. The magic is on the details.

Administration tool

Manage your football club as a professional team. Our software presents an innovative platform to keep track of the organizational, sport, marketing, legal, and other areas of your football team. Here you can manage your coaches, physicians, sports psychologists, scouts, and other important members of your team. You can run your club in a franchise model.

For Young Amateur & Professional Players

Did you know there are more than 300 million football players around the world?

We offer you a one-stop solution for tracking, analyzing, comparing, and sharing important insights about the performance and development of the youth players. They are our football players of tomorrow and a guide and data-backed formation will mark their careers. Make sure you take advantage of our innovative tracking and analyzing software.

For Clubs and Leagues

Interesting fact: There are more than 300,000 different football institutions and clubs around the world.

Managing a team can be very high since it requires an excellent organization considering the difficulty of managing the different areas of the institution. You have to manage the most important area, sports, but also marketing, legal, human resources, and more. Our fully-flexible B2B administration tool is the perfect solution to Football Club managers. You can benefit from our highest-quality data analyzes and keep your club organized in a single platform.

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We offer Actionable insights, Advanced multi-data analysis, Cross Leagues & Tournaments Comparisons, and Many More

With our innovative system, you can compare your ongoing results with historical data. Our database will automatically show you relevant statistics and insights on your team’s performance. Also, you can manage your club schedule and results not only in the sports area but also with marketing events, press conferences, and many more. Our platform allows you to upload and share different features.