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Use our innovative app to track your player’s movements & field performance which is precisely measured and recorded with our high-tech device. The device is designed and configured in accordance with FIFA’s “Electronic Performance and Tracking System (EPTS)“ rules.


Our software processes the data and calculates important metrics and analytics of the athlete’s performance. The data processing consists of aggregating thousands of data from the player’s performance and then it is converted and presented in your player’s dashboard. Our app will show insights like speed changes, location on the field, orientation, angular velocity, and many more features.


After data is automatically processed and analyzed by our high-tech software, it is displayed in the dashboard. Each player has 24/7 access to his historical data and automatic analyses. Players can filter data by time and also export and download for further analysis. Our innovative system provides statistics like heatmaps, zone maps, sprints, speeds, distances, and more valuable insights.


The administrator can manage the players, teams, leagues, and clubs using the app’s dashboard. With administrator permissions, you can add other users and assign them roles that have different permissions to visualize and edit data. For example, a user with Coach permission can only manage his/her assigned team whereas the club owner has unlimited access to visualize the data of all its players and staff.

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Striker’s app carefully designed for the Youth & Professional Football Players, Coaches, and Recruiters.

Our advanced software helps Coaches to track their young & Professional player’s performance in the field so they can optimize and improve the efficiency of training to maximize the player’s and team’s results overall.

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Did you know there are more than 300 million football players around the world?

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Interesting fact: There are more than 300,000 different football institutions and clubs around the world.

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